About Me


My Background

I've been sculpting in wood since I was a kid. In  high school, I was prepping for a college education,  intending to study engineering & all the while I felt as though  I was destined to take a different path . In  1971 I began my life's "segway" by studying Commercial Art & Journalism. Then In the 80's when I was at my drawing board pulling "all nighters"  for the advertising department of a major greeting card company,  I couldn't wait to go home & work on MY STUFF . As I got older,  creating from the heart took over and I became a self-employed fine artist. 32 years later I'm still doing what I love  & (hopefully) making a difference in the world with my art & prose. I love the spiritual aspect of what I do and the prose I've written to accompany my creations. I'm humbled to say that  many hearts have been  touched by  the art I've been blessed to be able to share with others.


My Medium (My Muse)

I use many different mediums, such as wood, handmade paper, acrylics, and watercolors. I believe that working in a single medium limits  my creative efforts. Each idea manifests in its own individual style and inspiration  can come from anywhere... I try to be open to inspiration wherever it may come from.


My Inspiration

Most of the inspiration for the things I create comes through & from my family & friends. The faith &  belief  they have in me has inspired the courage and perseverance I need to stay on my creative  path, even though I haven't a clue where it will lead me next....Someone once said- Unless a Journey changes you in some way, why bother leaving home? How can we know if we don't go?


For over thirty years I've created art inspired by the Southwest and Native American cultures. My images and words celebrate  spiritual and romantic aspects of life, love, families and children.

Bas- relief blurs the boundaries between two and three dimensions.

Hand-carving scenes in mahogany,

then  creating castings of those images

creates an enigmatic effect.

Chiseled rock-like surfaces, wood grain and paper fibers

combine in a multi- textured interplay

of light and shadow.